Every business is unique and needs individual attention. After a brief discovery process to find out what makes yours tick, we’ll determine what’s best for you to help achieve your goals.


Our key services include:


Custom Retirement

Your retirement plan needs to be tailored to your objectives. Platinum Wealth Group advisors will develop a strategy that represents the core values of your business.


401(k) plans should be easy to maintain, while providing employees with a positive experience. We’ll help determine the amounts needed and the investments best suited to each individual.

Defined Benefit & Cash Balance

These pension plans are fully paid for by the employer with no investment risk to employees to accumulate a stated amount of money at retirement. We’ll help define the best annual payment or contribution. Companies looking for larger tax deferred savings choose these plans in conjunction with their 401(k) plan.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing plans have flexible contributions and can be self-directed, similarly to 401(k) plans. Each year the employer decides how much to contribute. In many cases, plans are designed to allow for classification of employees to reward employees based on their position in the company.


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